All the questions have been timestamped.  If you scroll through and click each question, you will start the recording of the video at the appropriate position.

  1. Introduction
  2. Presentation from architects
  3. Presentation from landscape architects
  4. Continued presentation from architects
  5. Question on affordable housing
  6. Question on minimum space standards
  7. Question on MOL land use
  8. Question on general access to site
  9. Question on impact on Greycoat buildings
  10. Question on seperation distance to nearest residen
  11. Question on height of Greycoat Road boundary
  12. Question on local wildlife relocation
  13. Question on construction parking arrangement
  14. Question on parking arrangements
  15. Question on borders/boundaries on Greycoat Road
  16. Question on rubbish around the site
  17. Question on residential space
  18. Question on traffic management
  19. Question on boundary trees on Greycoat Road
  20. Question on construction noise pollution
  21. Question on bus stop near the entrance of the prop
  22. Question on new parking spaces location
  23. Question on light impact on Meadow Close propertie
  24. Question on security of existing residential prope
  25. Question on MOL land use allocation
  26. Question on consultation of Bromley cllrs
  27. Question on location of new housing/new public ope
  28. Concluding remarks and how to provide feedback
  29. End