Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are you proposing?  

We are proposing to provide new public open space and 121 homes comprising 39 houses and 82 apartments. 

Is the site in a flood zone? 

The site principally falls within flood zone 1; land assessed by the Environmental Agency as having the least chance of flooding. However, due to the site’s size a full flood report will be submitted alongside any future planning application.

What is the PTAL of the site? 

It has been assessed as PTAL 2. The closest rail station is Lower Sydenham, a 7-minute walk away, and the 352 bus stops along Worsley Bridge Road.

How large is the site?

The site is 2.14 hectares (5.29 acres). 

How many of the homes will be affordable? 

Based on the proposals, over 50% of the dwellings will be provide as affordable homes; either as shared ownership or affordable rent.

Will there be parking?

London’s planning policy aspires to lower the levels of private car usage.  We are proposing 100 parking spaces of which 12 are disabled parking spaces. This is the maximum limit that current planning policy allows.


Will there be electric vehicle charging? 

Yes, all spaces will have passive electric charging facilities. 

How many of the homes will be wheelchair accessible? 

All dwellings will be made accessible to wheelchair users with 10% being specifically designed to meet their fit out requirements in accordance with planning policy.

Will the allotments be affected? 

The site layout and the design of the houses closest to the allotments are such that future Rights Of Way could be provided with no substantial change required. 

Why are you proposing to build on Metropolitan Open Land? 

To allow building on MOL we have to demonstrate Very Special Reasons why it should be permitted. We have been in discussion with the planners at Bromley Council and the Greater London Authority to ensure that we offer housing that meets the Borough’s needs as well as other benefits such as new public open space. 

Why are you proposing blocks of flats in an area that is predominantly houses? 

We have been in discussion with the planners at Bromley Council to ensure that we offer housing that meets the Borough’s needs. There is a great need for housing of all types; we are providing 39 family houses as well as the flats. 

Who makes the decision on the application? 

The council’s planning team will analyse all the application documents and plans that will be submitted as part of the application. All these will be available to view on the council’s website once the application has been submitted. 

The summary of their analysis will be presented to a group of elected councillors – the Development Control Committee. At a meeting open to the public, they will hear a summary of the application from the planning officers and will also hear from supporters and objectors. They will then decide whether or not the application should be approved. 


The scheme will also be consulted upon by the Mayor of London. 

When will the application be submitted to the council and when will the decision be made? 

We expect to submit the application in late summer and the council are expected to take up to 13 weeks to make a decision on the application. 

When will construction start?  

The date that construction starts depends when the local council make their decision. If permission is granted, construction potentially could start around 6 months later.  

Will construction be noisy? 

Modern construction methods tend to be less noisy than in the past. Whilst there will inevitably be some disturbance, the hours of operation will be limited by the council to 8am to 6pm Mon to Fri and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays.  

Will the proposals be ‘Secured by Design’?  

The proposals will be examined by the Metropolitan Police Service’s ‘Secured by Design’ team that works to improve the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings.

I am unable to make the online Q&A sessions. Will there be an opportunity to view them at a later date?  

Yes, the online Q&A sessions will be made available on this website shortly after the final event. 

Are there any other ways I can have my say on the proposals? 

Yes, please call our freephone number 0800 955 1042 between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday-Friday. You can also email us at or write to our freepost address Freepost RTXU-JGSR-KHLE, Your Shout, 28 China Works, SE1 7SJ. The Council will also hold their own statutory consultation, following the submission of a planning application.